Top Reasons To Buy An Electric Snow Thrower This Year

Posted by on Dec 10, 2016 in Appliances, Snowblowers, Technology | Comments Off on Top Reasons To Buy An Electric Snow Thrower This Year

electric-snow-blowerA snow thrower is a wonderful machine, which is almost irreplaceable during winter. However, it has to be in good condition and have enough power to handle the intended tasks. If you have never owned or used one before, you have to formulate a criteria to help you choose one that will match your needs.

For many around the northern countries, crisp, cold fall days and the first snow is just around the corner. The first snow may be beautiful and magical, but going into the winter months the snow falls more often and accumulates more quickly. Most of us dread the thought of the heavy job of shoveling snow off our walkways, sidewalks, steps and driveways. An electric snow thrower is the answer to move snow off walking areas around your home or business.

Below are the top reasons to buy a electric snow thrower this winter:

It makes an electric snow shovel in either a 8.5 amp or 12 amp motor which enables it to throw or move 275 pounds of snow in just a minute. This electric snow thrower will allow you to clean a 30 x 60 foot driveway in just 25 minutes without breaking your back. It has a cleaning width of 12 inches and cuts 6 inches deep which enables you to walk back and forth sweeping snow off walkways and steps with quickness and ease.

eletric-snow-thrower-maintenanceAn electric snow thrower is adjustable and ergonomically designed so the handles move to the correct height and angle that is comfortable for each individual. It is also lightweight, only 13 pounds, so it can be moved, turned and picked up easily during use. Since it is electric there would be concern with the cord; however, electric snow thrower put into this snow thrower’s design a cord lock design to eliminate any mishaps with the cord. Coleman Cable makes 50 to 100 feet low or all temperature extension cords that can be purchased separately to extend your electric snow shovels operating perimeter.

Owning an electric snow shovel is the best investment you could make if you live where it snows every winter. Just think also how ecologically friendly this machine is since it does not need oil or gasoline to operate. Electric snow thrower provides a full two year warranty on its electric snow shovel, so you can’t go wrong with this choice for snow removal.

Once you have purchased a used snow thrower, there will be some necessary maintenance requirements prior to its first use. These include replacing the oil and gas, plus any parts that show wear and tear. Also check how easily the engine starts and for smooth idling. If you take the time to make sure your machine fits your needs and is in the best shape possible, you will be very satisfied with your purchase.