Transform your pool area into a tranquil backyard retreat that promotes relaxation and sophistication. From dining to lounging, your pool will become the centerpiece of memorable summer gatherings for family and friends.

Plant colorful flowers to bring life and vibrancy to your pool deck. For an oasis that exudes summer, select pastel hues evoking tropical islands and the soothing ocean waters.

Endless Waterfall Feature

A poolside waterfall provides a soothing atmosphere and aids with aeration, making the pool more visually appealing and interesting to use.

Make your poolside space unique by selecting an eye-catching theme. Look for outdoor area rugs featuring nautical designs or adding colourful pillows with marine-themed patterns.

if you want to add more privacy and seclusion to your pool, add a wall or grotto around its edge. These structures provide a cozy place for relaxation and discussion; furthermore they give visitors an added element of amazement as they lounge around on the water’s edge.

Create the perfect poolside paradise at nighttime with strategic landscape lighting. Set a mood with underwater lights and pathway illumination for a memorable backyard resort experience even after darkfall has set in. Make your poolside paradise shine brightly for everyone to see with our top tips on poolside landscape lighting solutions!

Stone Path

Utilizing different-sized rocks and flagstone to define walkways around your pool creates a distinctive aesthetic, not only making accessing loungers easier but adding natural charm as well. When making this statement piece even more striking add drought resistant plants like cacti or yuccas for an eye-catching and appealing design.

Shade is another fantastic way to enhance the enjoyment of poolside life. A sunshade, canopy or pergola can offer relief from the harsh summer sunlight; plus they come in an assortment of patterns and colours so there’s sure to be one that fits into your backyard decor perfectly!

Add flair and personalization to your poolside space by choosing a theme that reflects your lifestyle. For instance, if you like nautical themes, choose nautical-inspired pool accessories like area rugs and toss pillows featuring anchors or starfish to give an added pop of colour – or decorate furniture in this fashion.


Pools may be the centerpiece of outdoor spaces, but what really transforms this space is its pool deck and surrounding landscaping. To design your ultimate poolside paradise, start with visually appealing materials like travertine pavers – these beautiful pieces combine durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal into creating the ideal deck design for you home.

Add unique planters filled with patio roses to your landscape to further accentuate its aesthetic and provide shade and privacy in your pool area. Not only are these attractive flowers visually appealing but they’re also highly practical!

Make the most of your poolside space throughout the evening by adding strategically-placed lighting options. Torches, lanterns, string lights or solar-powered walkway pavers can add warmth and intimacy while also being stylish features in this space.


Experience a vacation-inspired pool design right in your own backyard with a resort-inspired pool design. Boasting cascading waterfalls and stylish poolside cabanas, this indulgent design will transport you straight back into paradise – helping both body and mind relax and feel revitalized!

For an elegant pool landscaping style, select pavers made of bluestone, travertine or slate. Combine water features like fountain centerpieces or deck jets shooting pencil-thin streams of water onto these stones to create a poolside oasis that looks as captivating at night as during the day.

An impressive pool landscape that can serve both daytime and evening functions attracts family and friends to socialize year-round. A shady lounge area featuring plush Bluu furniture can provide the ideal place for you and your loved ones to unwind after swimming, enjoy drinks with loved ones and share conversation – while adding the warmth of an outdoor firepit makes this entertainment space perfect for cool fall evenings when the pool becomes an envy-inducing gathering space.

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