When you are buying or selling a house, there is no denying that certain litigation issues are bound to arise. The good news for is that you can avoid these issues by hiring a real estate lawyer. But before you do that, you need to know more about these litigation problems and how can a real estate lawyer help you with these problems. The following are some of the biggest litigations problems you can efficiently avoid by hiring the services of a real estate lawyer. Read on to learn what this litigation issues are that can arise:

Public records errors

There is no doubt and Asaf Izhak Rubin has spoken on this as well that this is one of the biggest litigation nightmares you can prevent by engaging the services of a real estate lawyer.

Public records are what folks search to find out the rightful owner of a piece of real estate property. It is important to keep in mind that even a single typo can lead to chaos with this system and have very dangerous consequences for the person who is claiming ownership. While it is rather possible to fix these issues, most of the people do not find out about them until it is a very critical scenario. When you go through the correction process, it creates a financially and emotional strain.

Collaborating with a real estate lawyer can assist in reducing the risk of clerical mistakes in your document filing. A quality real estate lawyer will carefully check the documents to make sure that all of the information is fine, accurate and correct and you will not face any issues because of this information later on!

Construction Conflicts

You should know that if you are planning to develop a real estate property, you will most probably have a contractor to carry out the work. That particular contractor will engage the services of subcontractors to carry out particular duties during the construction project. The result of this is that disputes can come up between the owner of the property and the subcontractor or contractor. Or disputes can even surface between the subcontractor and contractor. Any one of these can delay your project and lead to a loss for the real estate property owner.

According to Asaf Izhak Rubin, when you partner up with a real estate lawyer, it means there is someone who is looking out for the best interests of the property owner. It is always in your best interests that you have any contractual real estate agreements reviewed carefully by a real estate lawyer. This makes sure that you understand the key terms, the duties of the owner of the real estate property and the duties of the contractor.

Boundary Disputes

It is true that one of the most prevalent reasons for conflict pertaining to real estate is over the boundaries. Most of the time, the practical line of boundary and the legal one are not the very same. That can result in neighbors claiming they own the same land strip between the 2 properties. There can be conflicting surveys done that reveal every neighbor as the right owner. Alternately, the surveys can match, but one particular neighbor is using the property of the other as an easement. This can generate a separate use agreement that might alter the usage and rights of ownership of the land for both of the parties. When you hire services of a real estate lawyer, it can assist in preventing these issues by doing property research the right way and in a detailed manner so that no stones are left unturned. They can compare the filings of the public records with the survey that has been newly done and the current practical usage of the land. By solving these important discrepancies prior to completing a particular contract for sale, you can easily avoid potential conflicts much later.

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