Mirrors in bathrooms are both useful and decorative; in addition to being functional objects, they can serve as works of art.

Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and frames – frameless mirrors can add modern or contemporary aesthetics, while simple framed designs complement more classic environments. Some designs even incorporate textural materials like wood for extra visual interest.

Wall Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are essential pieces that complement almost every style of decor, making an important statement about who lives there. To select one that will enhance the space and ensure it feels light and airy, ensure it proportional to both vanity size and lighting conditions in your space.

Though rectangular mirrors remain timeless, oval or rounded mirrors add a softer aesthetic. ProTIP: Irregularly shaped mirrors also work great when placed near pedestal sinks because their curves mimic those of their fixtures.

Framed mirrors add an attractive decorative accent that can complement any style of bathroom design, from minimalistic aesthetics to ornate flourishes. Selecting an appropriate framed mirror can give your bathroom an air of polished and completeness.

Be it framed or unframed mirror, always select one composed of tempered glass for safety reasons. Tempered glass undergoes a chemical strengthening process which prevents it from shattering into thousands of tiny fragments when broken.

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors can help with grooming tasks requiring close-up attention to detail. They offer higher magnification than regular bathroom mirrors and may come equipped with features like illumination for added ease.

When selecting a magnifying mirror for your home, take into account where it will sit: wall-mounted or freestanding? A wall-mounted model may be preferable if your countertop space is limited and/or you prefer an uncluttered appearance; also wall-mounted models are less likely to get broken by children and careless adults using your bathroom than tabletop cosmetic mirrors.

Frame options should also be a key factor when selecting a magnifying mirror. Slim natural wood frames work well with most decor styles and can be stained or painted to meet your bathroom’s aesthetic needs. Other popular choices for frames include metal, chrome and gold frames. Light color choices should also be carefully considered: many magnifying mirrors provide switchable features so you can switch between warm and cool lighting sources.


There are various bathroom mirror frames to add elegance and style to your space, but bronze frames stand out among them for their stylish appearance and long lifespan. As they contain no iron, bronze frames won’t rust as easily, further increasing their lifespan and keeping your home beautiful for longer.

One option for frames that resemble mirror surfaces is a glass frame, which can be either mirror-backed, tinted or opaque to fit any decor style perfectly.

Frameless mirrors offer a minimal look that suits contemporary or modern designs better. Plus, these mirrors are less susceptible to moisture-induced damage. A ceramic, stone or tile print would also work nicely; additionally, metal prints don’t need any glazing so any moisture can escape through them without becoming trapped within its frame.

LED Lighting

LED lighting fixtures are an essential addition to any bathroom, as they consume 85% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and can even withstand wet areas without issue.

When selecting LED lights, take into account their color temperature and CRI (Color Rendering Index). A warm white or cool white hue could provide a relaxing or stimulating bath experience, respectively. Furthermore, look for fixtures rated for wet locations with damp location dimmer switches.

Professional lighting designers can craft an elaborate scheme to illuminate every corner and feature of your bathroom, including ambient recessed/ceiling lights for ambient illumination, LED strips as unique design features and accent lighting to accentuate art pieces or architectural features. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your unique needs and preferences for bathroom lighting design!

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