Are you thinking about installing a pool in your back yard? It’s a great way to get some exercise and stay in shape during the summer. But pools aren’t just for summer – pools can be used year round by the water-loving homeowner. Many homeowners enjoy the benefits of a small, intimate pool. They take up very little space, which is often the main reason for most small-time pool installations. Today we’ve got a gallery of several small inground pool designs, each beautifully built, at your post…

This Pool is designed with a contemporary, edgy facade that sets it apart from other inground pools. It includes a water-spout that flows into an abstract pool-shaped container. The design appears to extend indefinitely onto the horizon, while maintaining its close-together yet fluid design. The concrete-like foundation, reminiscent of modern prefabricated homes, creates a very sturdy, durable foundation that is easily maintained. In addition, this pool is placed on a non-skid base that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

This pool is designed as a semi-circle pool, with rounded sides and a gently curved, streamlined form. A waterfall flows into the back of the pool, adding dramatic effect. The contoured design of the facade makes the pool very aesthetically pleasing, while the attractive “curved” tiles provide a subtle but beautiful contrast to the more geometric backdrop. This pool offers unique opportunities for a designer to really use his or her imagination.

A small swimming pool might not seem like much, but when you have a limited space in your backyard, you have to make every inch count. With this unique curved design, you will have plenty of room for swimming. In addition, the flowing waterfall will be very pleasing to the eye, while the gentle curves will make the area feel much more spacious than any other swimming pool you have ever seen. This pool can be placed virtually anywhere, even on the edge of your back patio.

For those who are still a bit confused about what kind of pool would suit their needs best, take a look at the pent-shaped pool. These pools, available in different sizes, are very attractive and provide ample opportunities for a designer to really showcase his or her creativity. The four corners of the pool have distinct angles which create a unique shape, reminiscent of twisted metal pipes. In order to create this edgy pool, the designer must first cut a series of “stepping stones” to create the required shape. The rocks also need to be carefully proportioned, so that they fit tightly without seeming disheveled. Because of these factors, it may be easier for a homeowner with a smaller back yard to acquire this type of design than those homeowners with larger properties.

The last option is to create a quaint, yet charming pool – one that will help make your backyard the one you always wanted it to be. A small-sized infinity edge pool will be just the right size for you. Its clean lines, gentle curves and beautiful finish are sure to impress all who enter your yard – even those who decide not to add the aquatic feature. This is one of the many styles of “cute pool” that a professional swimming pool designer can create for you.