If you’re considering a new swimming pool, one of the first things you’ll have to decide on is what style you prefer, and what kind of shape you’d like it to take. There are several basic types of pools available, and if you want to create the most unique pool experience possible, there’s a good chance you’ll have to choose one from among them. Take a look at the following tips for helping you make the right choice when it comes to your pool of choice.

First, pick the right shape. The shape of your pool depends not only on its size but also on its shape, namely whether it’s an elongated oval, or a round, square or rectangle. A rectangular pool offers the most cover; oval pools aren’t as wide but are generally less expensive, while square and round-shaped pools provide more coverage. Remember that a pool with a flat back wall provides better privacy, so if that’s a concern for you, opt for a rounded back wall. If you’re not afraid of the odd shape, however, there are a number of oval and round pools with back walls that offer excellent visibility and still leave plenty of room for swimming.

Next, consider how much of your pool area you want to cover. You can install a sliding contract on the perimeter or in-between the side walls, providing a barrier between you and the pool. If you’re concerned about privacy, a bontraveler will work well, especially if you have a large family or a group of friends who use your swimming pool frequently. You’ll need to determine whether you want to install a controller on its own, or leave it free-standing.

Once you’ve decided on a suitable bontraveler and have it installed, you can then add landscaping. By installing a brick path along one edge of the pool area, you create a safe entry point. However, frozen swimmers may prefer to leave their bikes, kettles, and other such things lying around the swimming pool, so make sure that any such items are locked up when not in use. A fence will also provide some additional privacy, as well as more space around the pool.

Once your pool area is clear, you can then begin to install your bontraveler. The best way to install a control is to stand directly under the bontraveler, rather than placing it on a deck or other surface. You should be sitting straight up against the bontraveler, so don’t lean against the sides – this could damage the frame. Simply lift up the bontraveler and slide it into position, making sure that the framework is level and that it’s secured to the ground.

If you’re using a manual bontraveler, you’ll need to make sure that you walk slowly and carefully around the pool, keeping your body upright and relaxed. Don’t forget to check your footing every few steps. Once you’ve installed your bontrollers, you can then go back to the deck and start enjoying your pool. Hopefully this article has helped you understand the installation process and what you’ll need for a successful control. Happy swimming!