Kitchen storage is essential for keeping your home in working order. But when space is tight, it may require creative solutions to keep things organized and uncluttered.

Make the most of your cabinets and pantry shelves with these inventive kitchen storage ideas. From adding shelving racks to using clear bins for sponges, dish towels, and more, these solutions will have your small kitchen looking neat and tidy.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

The kitchen is the most likely area of the home to become cluttered — utensils tossed in drawers, appliances taking up precious counter space, and pots and pans overflowing cabinets. But a few smart and stylish storage ideas can keep this most-used room looking (and functioning) its best.

Sleek wall-mounted shelves can replace clunky cabinetry and free up floor space. Choose from a wide range of shelf depths, depending on your needs; narrow shelves are ideal for cookbooks, and a deep option works well for glassware or pantry ingredients.

A simple pegboard is an inexpensive DIY project that can offer a variety of creative kitchen storage solutions, from hooks for hanging utensils to a grid rack that holds everything from colanders and pots to a collection of reusable grocery bags. Another clever kitchen storage idea for small spaces is to install risers in pantries and cabinets; these adjustable units can double the capacity of an existing shelf.

Hanging Baskets

If you’re pressed for cabinet space, a set of hanging baskets can hold your bulky pots and pans. Fill them with a mix of upright and trailing plants in complementary colors for a lush, bountiful look. Make sure the baskets have drainage holes, and plant up in late spring after the risk of frost has passed for a long-lasting display.

Using an over-the-door rack provides an easy way to add top-to-bottom storage for items like cleaning supplies, Hord says. She also recommends dedicating a closet in your home to cleaning tools like brooms, mops and dustpans so they don’t take up valuable space inside cabinets.

Glass-fronted kitchen cabinets provide a visual focal point with the added benefit of being able to see what’s inside. They also can be fitted with inserts for stacking containers and racks for organized Tupperware. Use a pretty serving tray or basket to corral your most-used cookware and serveware, too. This allows you to cut down on clutter and makes the whole shelving unit more attractive.

Pullout Shelves

Adding pullout shelves to kitchen cabinets is a quick and inexpensive way to maximize space. They make it easier to reach items in the back of a cabinet and help you find everything you need without opening every drawer. Installing these custom storage solutions is also a great solution for tighter cabinets or those that can’t fit a pantry.

If you want to put open shelving to work, group similar items together like dishes and glassware in one area and cookware in another. This helps you quickly find what you need and can keep things looking clean and organized, says professional organizer Anastasia Casey of Organize & Decorate.

If you have a collection of pretty kitchen jars or antique wooden utensils, consider mounting them on the wall as authentic decor. You can also use a vintage wooden crate to store a variety of canned goods or other small pantry items. Use a lazy Susan next to the stove for extra cooking ingredients and utensils that would be difficult to reach in a standard drawer.

Tissue Box Holder

A simple tissue box cover turns an ordinary cardboard box into a decorative touch on the wall. Choose from a variety of elegant designs and materials for the perfect fit in your space.

A tilt-down drawer near the sink is a great place to stash sponges and other cleaning tools that might otherwise occupy valuable counter space. You can even find one made out of recycled window shades, or ask the shade department staff at your local home center to scavenge their scraps.

Before you buy a storage solution, take stock of what you actually use on a regular basis. Removing old or overused items from the kitchen makes it more efficient to get things done. You can even store less-frequently used kitchen items in a freestanding storage cabinet in the garage or basement. This frees up cabinet space for more frequently used cookware and dishware. You can also repurpose an antique dresser as a pantry or use a tall shelving unit to stash pots, pans and more in the corner.

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