Folklore, whimsy and fairy tale themes are key components in crafting an enchanted garden. The style has its origins in English cottage gardens; adopting more carefree and natural designs than traditional garden designs.

Softness is key when designing this style of garden; look for ground cover plants such as creeping thyme and Scotch Moss to soften hard lines. Furthermore, miniature houses and doorways will help welcome the fairies!

1. Flower Fountain

Enchanted gardens serve as gateways between human life and another realm of wonder and fantasy, often inspiring cottage garden designs and nature’s majestic charm. Such magical garden ideas feature whimsical charm, folklore and carefree styling; ideal settings to enjoy these designs in.

Fountains or ponds can help create a calming and mysterious ambience in any garden, as water flowing over stone or wood chimes produces soothing sounds to calm and comfort the soul, as well as drawing in playful fairies or mythological creatures into playfulness in your garden.

Softness is key when creating a fairy garden, so add soft-toned ground cover plants such as creeping thyme and Scotch moss as groundcover plants to help soften hard landscaping lines. They look particularly stunning when interwoven with ferns and vines. Pathways tucked between flower beds become fairy pathways with cobblestones, logs or mismatched tiles lining them – make this special space feel like an escape from everyday life by decorating them with flowers such as clematis.

2. Cabaret Lamp

An enchanting fairy garden can transport you back in time to another realm. Decorated benches and chairs offer the ideal place for you to sit back, take in your surroundings and watch for magical creatures who might appear!

If you want to add something sophisticated and stylish to your enchanted garden theme, our Cabaret Lamp could be just what’s needed! Featuring an eye-catching dragonfly motif that instantly fits, this breathtaking centrepiece provides instant visual impact!

Set against an idyllic garden world called Eden, parallel to our world of mortals. Queen Jasmina and her daughters Alvera, Valeriana, and Quassia serve as Diwanis (guardians) of plants and trees in Eden. However, jealousy arises between Alvera and Valeriana when Menandro, an Edentor who falls for Alvera becomes jealous, carrying her away with him into mortal reality along with their child. Among its themes lies how we can work with nature’s fairies while music by Ralph Vaughan Williams Blake Songs (tenor voice oboe and strings), Eleanor Alberga composed Succubus Moon for oboe and string quartet respectively – an enchanting tale!

3. Bright Idea Table Centre

Many gardeners find enjoyment in placing mischievous gnomes or dainty fairies throughout the garden; others find inspiration in medieval wizardry or Tolkien’s elven kingdoms. Pick whatever elements strike your fancy then ensure everything remains uniform and coordinated.

Green foliage makes an excellent centerpiece choice for enchanted garden centrepieces, providing guests with clear sightlines while at the same time fitting seamlessly with other decorations that contribute to your enchanted garden’s decor.

If you prefer more romanticism in your decor, take inspiration from John Everett Millais’ Ophelia Painting; its depiction of Shakespearean character Ophelia floating among water lilies was an expression of Romanticism movement. A table centre such as our Flower Float Table Centre will reflect this aesthetic perfectly while offering both classic and contemporary aesthetics at once.

4. Botanical Lamp

Engage cottage garden style to create an intimate space that feels like a gateway between earthly human existence and an enchanted, fairy-tale realm. Softness is key, so search for creeping thyme and Scotch moss as ground cover plants to soften hard edges and add depth.

Add mystery and delight to your garden with organic shapes reminiscent of fairy-tale doors, windows or tinkling bells. Tuck these decorative accents among flower beds or arrange them on multi-branched Stand-Out(tm) displays for an eye-catching display.

Silk shade with vining botanical motif hand-painted using custom mixed dyes creates sophisticated color and movement. A brushed nickel base completes this design. U.S. Patent # 7,347,593 allows one maximum 100W standard base bulb (not included). 23 1/2″ high. Made in USA

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