Home Design is a subject that encompasses many things such as interior design, landscape design, and architecture. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Home Design. There are trends that emerge throughout the year and you need to keep up. Trends come and go and one day they’re gone but there are trends that come around all the time and seem to just never go away. When you look at a home and wonder what it might look like next year or even the next few years you should just take a look around at your Home Design. You might be surprised at some of the nice things you see in Home Design.

Trends in Home Design Transitional Interior Design Style If you are into trends you will love the Transitional Interior Design Style. The colors you see are much lighter than traditional paint colors and you will also see less clutter and more furniture and art. Trendy Transitional Interior Design Styles are very popular now and you will be hard pressed not to find them. Some examples of transitional interior design styles are Tuscan, Gilded, Art Deco, Mediterranean, Cottage, Country Club, Victorian, and Mission Style. It s really easy to get into these styles, and they look great.

The most common transitional design style used today is American Craftsman bungalows. These are beautiful homes that were built 100 years ago for ordinary working people who possessed nothing more than their own tools and a home sewing machine. Today you will find these bungalows in almost every city. They have been updated through the years and the latest craze is the use of reclaimed wood. reclaimed wood has been made from the floors, beams, furniture, walls, and even the lawn of old homes and is available in all kinds of beautiful shades and colors.

A third very popular home design style is farmhouse inspiration design may include French Country or cottage decor. This home design style uses natural materials like wood, ceramic tile, copper or even stone and is especially popular in the South. You will often see French Country or cottage decor in cozy log homes, country style bungalows, or even some of the larger houses that dot many rural areas. If you are considering using French Country decor, it may be a good idea to choose an area that is quite sheltered from the elements and one where you can garden.

A fourth very popular contemporary design style is called cubism. Cubism is characterized by a chaotic array of colours which are usually geometrical in nature. Contemporary style may include a lot of sharp contrasts like black and white or bright neon colours. Cubism usually makes use of muted tones to evoke a sense of depth and is very informal in its furnishings.

The final contemporary interior design style we will discuss is called coastal interior design style. This particular interior design style is all about bringing the natural beauty of the sea to your home. Using items like driftwood, real shells and coral it is possible to create an elegant looking interior without using a lot of bright, vivid colours. Coastal interiors can either be used as a foundation for more exotic or contemporary styled furnishings or they can be used to complement other types of furnishings.