Enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen design with these cool and unique gadgets. From jars designed to keep ingredients at their optimal freshness to pasta bowls that perfectly contain noodles, these small indulgences make cooking and entertaining more fun!

Keep your kitchen smelling fresh with this food waste caddy featuring an easily replaceable odor filter, or dispense butter without spilling a single drop with this tool that doubles as storage container and dispensary!

1. KeyTop Vertical Rotisserie Oven

This countertop vertical rotisserie oven delivers an outstanding culinary experience at an economical price point. Its comprehensive feature set includes a powerful 1500W convection heating element which excels at broiling, roasting and rotisserie-style cooking.

With its large maximum capacity, the oven allows you to easily cook an entire chicken or multiple smaller skewer-sized foods at the same time. Furthermore, there are multiple temperature control settings and an auto shut off timer.

2. KitchenArt Select-A-Spice

The KitchenArt Select-A-Spice spice rack makes selecting, dispensing, and measuring spices effortless. Featuring 12 removable spice containers on a rotating base that stacks to free up shelf space when not being used; and featuring an accurate 1/4 teaspoon measurements dial. You can double stack two carousels to provide structured storage for 24 spices!

3. Peleg Design Jonah Toothpick Holder and Dispenser

Peleg Design Jonah toothpick holder and dispenser is an adorable kitchen appliance to have on your table, featuring its whale shape. This delightful marine mammal stores toothpicks in its belly before dispensing one by one when you flip over its body.

Cooking may not always be effortless, but these innovative kitchen appliances make the experience simpler. From smart ovens with remote controls to kettles that provide hot water at just the right temperature – there’s sure to be something here that can make life simpler when it comes to mealtimes!

4. KitchenArt Crinkle Cutlery

Let even your youngest toddler join in food prep fun with this cute, crinkle-cut knife by Zyliss! Perfect for French fries, wavy cut veggies, julienned carrots and zucchini, etc. Plus it features an attractive design with soft handles for safe gripping and is dishwasher-safe – an impressive feat when dealing with food! Made of stainless steel – perfect for food safety.

Encourage your children to get rolling pie crust and cookie dough using this rolling pin designed specifically for them!

5. Peleg Design Potato Chip Cutter

Thunder Group, a restaurant equipment and supply company, offers this French fry cutter as an option for home chefs who wish to create their own French fries at home. Featuring sharp blades with an easy design that comes apart for quick cleanup and is compact enough to fit in a smaller kitchen space; additionally its aluminum construction ensures long-term use without corrosion issues.

6. KitchenArt Bamboo Cheese Board

Finding an attractive yet functional charcuterie board can be difficult, so finding one with over 2,500 five-star reviews like this Dynamic Gear bamboo cheese board set proves its appeal and utility. Plus, its ideal gift idea for any host in your life. Get it on Amazon.

7. KitchenArt Silicone Cheese Knife

Most households own at least some form of knife set at home, yet not necessarily one dedicated specifically to cutting cheeses. Specialized cheese knives make the job simpler and help serve guests gourmet cheese platters seamlessly.

One option from Boska features a narrow blade which Sid Cook, Wisconsin master cheesemaker at Carr Valley Cheese, says minimizes surface area where soft cheeses may stick, as well as featuring an easy fork tip for use.

8. KitchenArt Select-A-Spice Carousel

KitchenArt’s 57010 Select-A-Spice Carousel Professional Series has attractive styling and space saving design, perfect for both modern/high tech kitchen designs as well as traditional ones. A patented auto measure dial accurately dispenses spices in precise increments while each of its 12 removable spice containers boast a large pour spout with shaker port to allow light seasoning or garnishing – plus 55 spice labels are included!

Can be mounted under cabinet, double stacked, or placed directly onto counter to free up shelf space.

9. KitchenArt Silicone Measuring Cups

This thick tempered glass set of measuring cups is great for liquids and features easy-to-read red markings in both standard and metric formats, a pouring spout, temperature tolerance capabilities and is even dishwasher safe!

Oxo offers an affordable plastic model that won’t break like its more costly glass counterparts, boasting accurate measurements that fit most spice jars and features lightweight construction for easy handling.

10. KitchenArt Silicone Measuring Spoons

Are your measuring spoons taking over your utensil drawer? Try this space-saving set that lets you adjust to any measurement with the simple pull of a lever! Plus, this Champagne Satin finish looks great on any countertop!

No more rubbing your eyes while peeling garlic; use this tool that cuts, presses and minces in one easy step!

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